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Fri 30 Mar

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DJ Krush, aka Hideaki Ishi, pioneer of Japanese hip hop and weaver of trippy, smokey, head-nodding beats, joins us here at VU to get bodies moving for what will be his first UK headline show in two years

Known for atmospheric instrumental productions, DJ Krush’s music is darkly mysterious and seriously addictive, completely befitting his past as part of the Japanese crime syndicate yakuza. On the topic of his switch from crime to music, Ishi said “my body wasn’t built for breaking, DJing was the thing for me,” and Japan’s music industry has rejoiced ever since.

Upon entering the industry, Ishi, with his experimental beats and instrumental sounds, changed the face of Japanese Hip Hop at a time when it was dominated by the American rap scene. Now, Ishi has established himself as one of the most respected artists and producers in the hip hop industry, both in Japan and abroad.

Right of admission reserved.

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