+ Leafcutter John, Plaid DJ Set and Missaw DJ Set


"On Thursday 7th April Lumin presented a collocation of some of the most experimental and creative musicians in London, Felix’s Machines VS Plaid with support from Leafcutter John and Missaw.


Lumin’s choice of performers couldn’t have fitted better with Village Underground’s dogma of being both a venue and close-knit community of creative practitioners, businesses and organisations. The vast Victorian vestibules within Village Underground played the perfect host for Felix Thorn’s music-making sculptures." Tom, Inverted Audio.


For one night only Felix’s Machines will converge with Plaid.

Support by Leafcutter John, Plaid (dj set) and Missaw (dj set)



Felix’s Machines are music-making sculptures built by Felix Thorn. Since their birth, the machines have been solely prescribed with the music of their creator. As a compositional device that exemplifies inspiration from the electronica world, Felix’s machines will converge with Plaid.


On the night, an experiment of live amplification and processing will marry acoustic robotics to digital synthesis creating an exquisite transitory performance. Leafcutter John is a London based songwriter and electronic musician, combining the worlds of computers and traditional folk music.


+ Plaid (dj set) and Missaw (dj set)

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