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Tue 28 Feb '17

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Acclaimed Montreal rock and orchestral pop group The Dears marked their return to London this week with a mesmerising show here at VU on Tuesday.

Murray Lightburn claims this is the bands “punishment reward set”- explaining:

“Punishment, reward, new song. Punishment, reward…” That’s before The Dears launch into what he calls a ‘punishment’; in other words, just another fantastic song from the final night of their European tour.

At once intimate and expansive, Murray and his wife, Natalia, lead the band through a welcome-back set their die-hard fans will be overjoyed to witness. Many in the crowd commented it being too long without The Dears in town- with sets like this, with so much attention to detail and deference to their fans, here’s hoping the wait won’t be as lengthily next time.