Diet Coke were in the venue recently to launch their collaboration with award-winning fashion designer J.W. Anderson: a new fashion-forward bottle design as part of their “Regret Nothing” campaign. The campaign encourages consumers to embrace their impulsive side and that hedonism was a great fit for Village Underground. The space looked beautiful swathed in silver, red and black with a centre piece of a chandelier made from the well turned out bottles, as well as the new design bannered across our Holywell Lane wall for the day. The event was well attended by a number of celebs and featured in fashion blogs and a number of broadsheets as well as this great interview with J.W. himself in The Standard.

Check out the photos below.

dietcokelaunchparty002 dietcokelaunchparty005 dietcokelaunchparty114 dietcokelaunchparty143 dietcokelaunchparty166 dietcokelaunchparty182 dietcokelaunchparty185