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Labyrinth Sessions

Fideles All Night Long

Sat 18 Sep

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Fideles have been shaping music that blends the melodic and epic to deliver a mature and contemporary sound.

Drawing on their lifelong influences, the Italian duo’s productions have peaked the attention of some of the biggest imprints in modern dance music, with releases on Afterlife, Innervisions, Correspondant and more.

On September 18th they take to one of London’s leading venues: Village Underground, for a rare all night long session.

Labyrinth Sessions is a series of shows that allow artists to dig deep into their record collection, showcase the full range of their DJ skills and build an energy from the start of the evening to the final track.

The events are spread across some of London’s leading clubs and focus on intimacy between the artist and the audience. A level of detail and intimacy that we’ve all missed so much this past year.

Every event will see Labyrinth work with their visual production team, to create a new lighting experience for each party, designed in close collaboration with the artist on each show.


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22:00 – 05:00

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