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Superstition presents:

Red Axes present: 100% Originals

Sat 22 Feb

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Superstition is excited to welcome back Red Axes to their 2020 programme.

Red Axes present:
100% Originals
All Axes – All Night

On the verge of the 10 year celebration of Red Axes,
the Tel Avivian duo will go on a special one of a kind tour, on February 2020.

The tour will be called “100% Originals”, where the Axes will play only all-nighter shows, containing ONLY original music created by them.

Over the years the guys produced over 700 original tracks, remixes, edits and productions, in various styles and bpm’s.
Alongside the axes classics, there will be lots of unreleased tracks that will be played maybe for the first time ever in these nights.

In these nights Red Axes will take you on a deep psychedelic journey, starting from the first track till the last song.

The variety and history will all combine into one unforgettable party.

Red Axes VU Feb 2020 1

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22:00 – 06:00

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