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Beans on Toast presents


Sat 8 Jun

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Artist & Event Info

Beans on Toast and La Danse present to you a very special event for a special cause.

Stavroz (LIVE w. Band) (Moodfamily, Belgium)
Kerala Dust (LIVE w. Band) (Ouïe / Laut & Luise, London)
Crussen (Underyourskin, Oslo)
Persian Empire (Prrrrrrr Records, Ger)
Kakes b2b Dan Calabrese (Beans-on-Toast, London)

Beans on Toast believe in the power of music, the closeness it brings, and the beautiful experiences it gives to people. The power of music could be, and has proven to be in the past, a powerful tool in bringing people together to champion noble causes.

All proceeds are going to charities in Palestine, Lebanon, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Two have been selected so far:
Codi Tech
Unite Lebanon Youth Project

Beans on Toast is a collective based in London which was born from the idea of two friends (Dan Calabrese and Kakes). They combine analogue elements with the digital world to create blending deep bass, earth percussions, and instrumentation that traverse cultures, floating on down tempo and deep house.

22:00 – 06:00
In order to verify your age, ID may be requested. For this reason, we advise that all customers bring valid ID.
For further information see Age and ID in FAQ’s
Right of admission reserved.