Argiris Ser uses his spray can to open up a portal into a parallel universe. In his world the creatures are happier and there’s a lot more water.


“I was really influenced by the comic book logic of how to build a universe. The animals there have a different view, it’s a mostly happy place. I created this universe to give people here a different perspective and to be able to create something unique artistically. I believe in art that the most important part is to make something unique.”


In his Holywell Lane Wall, Ser is painting for the Not A Crime campaign. This will be the 41st worldwide mural commissioned to raise awareness of the Iranian government’s refusal to allow the Baha’is in Iran access to higher education.


The painting is titled “Sea Of Knowledge: A mother Chipac guides and educates her children in a sea of knowledge.” The building on the back of the mother Chipac (creature) is a school and the tailed animals are curiosity staring at the world with singular wide open eyes.

Ser is a Greek artist and for him this echoes the Ottoman empire’s suppression of orthodox people in the Greece during the era.


“This happened in the 19th century, that this is still happening to Iran in the 21st century is the really sad part… It’s tragic that we’re still have this genocide. I’m really happy that people all over the world are helping to promote through culture. It’s really important to evolve as humanity.”


For Ser street art is his way of giving back to the people.

“This is education from the start. It’s really important even if [your work] is not political it’s for everyone to see. It’s an open museum, I love places where communities support street art because it’s really good for all of the communities. This place is really nice for street art because it’s an open space gallery.”

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