This week multi-artist collaborative drawing initiative En Masse paint the Holywell Lane wall.

Founded in 2009, En Masse was created to give non-traditional visual artists a platform for public expression. Its participants come from diverse backgrounds including graffiti, fine art, illustration, body art and design.

En Masse respond to the environment and the community they work in. Over the next few days they hope to soak up some of Shoreditch’s atmosphere as well as collaborating with some of the area’s finest street art talent. Their internationally renowned large scale murals are improvised, entirely shaped by the energy, character and talents of the participating members which for this London expedition will include founding instigator Jason Botkin. En Masse explores the creation of a collective vision; works created together that are greater than any one person could create alone.

The collective also only ever do mural in striking black and white which matches Village Underground’s own aesthetic.