Corinne and Nicole met a few months back and their first shared love was Nao, who they both adored.

“I was really into Nao before,” says Corinne “However, Nao dropped her 2nd EP around the time we met. There were a couple of songs on there, particularly ‘Apple Cherry’ that we would listen to in the car together and it was the first real thing we connected with.”

And that was it, from there on, they got on like house on fire.

“In the song ‘Apple Cherry’, there is a part of the lyrics that she sings “Life apart, over rated”. When I used to listen to this part, I used to think of Nicole automatically.”

So, Nao’s  manager – who first told us this story – receives an email one day, something along the lines of “I’m sure you won’t respond to this and sorry if you think this is weird but…” Corinne explained she wanted to propose to her girlfriend at the VU gig.

The tour manager asked Nao who said “Ok, I’m down with this” and together they hatched a plan.

“I knew that I wanted Nao to sing our song but how it was going to be done, I didn’t know!” says Corinne.

Nao at Village Underground by Carla Cuomo

After the show, Corinne and Nicole headed to the merch desk and asked for the February 15th EP. Nao said “I don’t have it here but I might have something down in the dressing room. Come with me.”

The couple followed Nao into a darkened dressing room and her guitarist who was in the shadows started playing and Nao serenaded the two of them with Apple Cherry.


“The experience for me was so surreal. On one hand I had my favourite artist singing a rendition of my favourite song and the other, mustering up the words that I wanted to say… it was crazy!”

At the breakdown Corrine popped the question.

Nicole said “Yes,” and all four of them burst into tears. The fiancees slow danced as Nao and guitarist finished the song.

According to Corrine, it’s “on the cards” that Apple Cherry will be the first dance of their married lives. Nao is invited.

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