Village Underground and Paul Barritt of the 1927 theatre company, are proud to announce the world premiere of Cat and Mouse, an immersive theatre experience and our first foray into producing theatre in-house.

cat-and-mouse-4-jpgAn animation adventure featuring live music, crazy cartoons, high octane action, fun and frolics, extreme violence, sadomasochism, moments of edification, “the face machine”, skeletons, dogs, dancing, and more!


Cat and Mouse sets up a familiar dichotomy and proceeds to navigate extremes of human idiocy from art to war, from technology to industry, from civilisation to love all rendered through the shenanigans of a rodent, a feline and the dogs of law. But who is really to blame in this anthropomorphic chaos, Mr Mouse or Mr Cat? Don’t forget that a good Cat is not a good Cat if he has no bad Mouse against which to be compared…


Inspired by George Harriman’s hugely influential Krazy Kat cartoon strip (1913-1944), Cat and Mouse is a feature-length, surreal and satirical animation created by Paul Barritt. The composer for the production is Laurence Owen with Siemy Di on drums and percussion and Sam Sallon on keys – together they are The Officer Pup Band. Lesley Ewen provides dramatic narration and Octavia Austin has designed the costumes.

Cat and Mouse

Paul Barritt, director and creator of Cat and Mouse, said: “Cat and Mouse began when dramaturg Beate Schüler contacted me asking if I would like to do a project based on the music of Harry Partch and George Harriman’s Krazy Kat. I’ll admit, I took the bait and ran with it, off to the left, then zig zagged a little, left side, right side and eventually, we created this rock ‘n’ roll Cat and Mouse with Village Underground. Made of old ‘toons and new tunes, it’s like an art house Itchy and Scratchy where the action spills out into the audience. Expect high octane action, fun and frolics, extreme (cartoon) violence, moments of edification, sadomasochism, a face machine, skeletons, dogs, dancing, and more.”

There will be two performances of Cat and Mouse per evening across June 8th & 9th, beginning at 7.30pm and 9.15pm. Cat and Mouse is supported by Arts Council England.

Tickets for all shows can can be bought from here– a great Xmas gift idea!

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