Fiercely independent producer, singer, composer and arranger, Charlotte Dos Santos heads to VU tonight as part of her European tour. We caught up with her for a quickfire Q&A ahead of her performance.

What is your favourite part about making music? 

My favourite part of making music is the freedom of it, the endless outcomes and ways of using it, and mostly to create something out of nothing. To put your emotions into tangible form.

For people coming to see you live for the first time on the Village Underground, what can they expect?

An honest, open invitation into my world not just as a musician but as a human. I am really excited to play some new material I have been waiting to show the world for a while as well as we’ll be playing songs from Cleo. So a very eclectic setlist.

What’s your star sign?

I am a Pisces. A very typical Pisces and a triple water sign.

What fascinates you about astrology?

The mysticism and the unknown. The fact that it seems so familiar, yet so far away and the magic of course! I like unfathomable concepts and theories.

What’s a topic you’ve never used in your own songs that you’d like to?

Hmm, I usually write based on what I feel in the moment, it is a very spontaneous process for me, I once in a blue moon write little pointers on stories but not really specific topics. I like to write allegorical. 

Can you tell us about an artist you’ve been inspired by in the past 12 months? 

Moses Sumney always inspires me and gives me a lot musically. An artist I truly admire and understand the musical choices and language that is spoken in the music. It happens rarely to me to be honest. Others are Caroline Polacheck, I really appreciate the clever pop she makes and her flawless vocals. Charli XCX really inspires me as well, power woman she works really hard and gives me a reminder on what is possible and to why I want to do what I do!

What’s your pre-gig ritual?

I drink a lot of hot water and honey or tea and then I need to be in a quiet place and have some time for myself before I go on stage. I am not a person who enjoys a lit backstage with a ton of people lol. And have you heard of any other artists that have weird ones? Not that I can think of! Everyone is different, I think it just reflects the person really to each his own! 

Have you ever seen anyone at VU? Who?

Yes I saw Maisha there and it was an incredible, moody, steamy, vibrational experience-so so good.

Outside of making music what other creative outlets do you have?

I really enjoy painting and drawing, sowing and writing texts, stories or poems. It makes me feel really together and like I am doing something along the lines of music, or what music entails already since I am very visceral when I make music anyway. I also love reading, cinema and learning new things. And finding new interesting music.

Last tickets for Charlotte Dos Santos’ show with us at VU on 10th March (tonight) can be found here.