Next in our VU Meets… series where we catch up with artists coming up in our programme, we chat with Chris Stussy and Prunk, who represents the legendary, specially curated Amsterdam-based house music imprint PiV Records perfectly.

How would you describe your style in three words? 
Chris: Innovative, Boundless and Energetic
Prunk: Groovy, Sexy and Deep.

For people coming to see you play for the first time, what should they expect?
Chris: Their first house experience. We want everyone, even our regular people to feel the energy and vibe of their first house experience every time.
Prunk: We mainly play house music in a combination of soulful and deep sounds. With us, you shouldn’t expect flat sets – we focus especially on thick bass lines, beautiful chords, varied beats and sometimes vocals. We have people that like us because they know us from the soulful and deep house scene, but also a lot of people know us from the more deeper minimal house sets. We just want to bring those househeads together.

What is your proudest achievement?
I think this year’s Number 1 on the Beatport overall was something really special for the label and crew. We are not trying to follow what’s hot but just follow the same vision we have done for quite some time now. It’s very nice to see the amount of support we’re getting from all over the world.


What’s your favourite part about making/playing music?
Chris: My favorite part about this is to finish a track just before a gig, the amount of excitement that goes into it, you can’t really describe it, but if it goes down as in your imagination then it is the best feeling in the world. And of course, sometimes it doesn’t go that way, but this makes me being picky in making my own tracks and also selecting tracks for the PIV label, there must be a special feeling with every track we sign for example.
Prunk: I have always been a bit insecure about my own tracks so I think it’s always great when my friends like my music or especially Chris. I only send my productions to a few DJ friends and if they like it, I’m really happy. Personally I don’t really care which DJ is playing my tracks, it’s just always a great feeling when other DJs play your tracks.

What music/artists do you like to chill to?
Chris: I like to listen to St. Germain, Kev Brown, J Dilla… it’s the Jazz/Hip-Hop style that really relaxes my mind and also inspires at the same time.
Prunk: I’m really into Jakarta Records those days, especially the last EP from Freddie Joachim which is really good – it’s a mix of jazz, classic, lounge, and hip-hop. His productions are always on top and his beats are quality. I’m a big disco fan so I still try to collect some cool disco stuff.

What are you most looking forward to this year?
Chris: I’m looking forward to my 1st South America tour this year. Of course, 6th of October is going to be something special with the whole crew and all the guest artists we’ve invited. There’s always something special when we come over the UK. Really, can’t wait.
Prunk: At the moment, I am in Japan and I have been looking forward to this for a long time. It is amazing here and I will be playing in the legendary Compufunk in Osaka. I’m obviously really looking forward to our PiV party at Village Underground, because I notice that our fan base is getting bigger and bigger in London.

Book tickets to see Chris Stussy and Prunk as part of the PiV Showcase at VU on Sunday 6 October.