Next in our VU Meets… series where we catch up with artists coming up in our programme, we chat with Claire Morgan, a dynamic Berlin-based DJ whose command over a full spectrum of colourful and adventurous techno delivers a fluid, fierce and stomping dancefloor experience.

How would you describe your style in three words (resisting genre labels)?
Gutsy. Emotive. Nuanced.

For people coming to see you for the first time, what should they expect?
High-octane, colourful, fun, banging, danceable, choon-face techno. And some curveballs.

What’s your favourite part about making music?
Expressing a specific emotion or story through music is deeply satisfying for me. The power of music to connect minds and communicate ideas and feelings beyond the constraints of language is awesome. Being able to experience this through both composing and DJing is something I’m very grateful for.

What’s your least favourite part?
When I have listened to something too many times and suddenly my brain flicks a switch and I can no longer make confident decisions or know if what I wrote is good or terrible. Not trusting myself feels well shitty.


What are you most looking forward to this year?
2019 has been killer so far, I debuted in the States, had dream gigs closing Berghain and De School and experienced Blitz for the first time. Stoked to be coming to VU and excited for my debuts at Awakenings Festival, Afterlife (Ibiza) and Nowadays (NYC).

I’ve just started composing professionally again which I’m really enjoying, and super excited that a project which has been ticking away in the background is now coming to fruition.

Outside of making music what other creative outlets do you have?
Cooking! I absolutely love cooking and it’s a great way to look after my health and regenerate after the weekends of travel/nightclubs/airport food/no sleep. If possible, I write music and cook together, alternating between two different creative outlets keeps the energy flowing and helps me focus. I think every studio from now on will need to be in close proximity to a kitchen because simultaneously creating nice sounds and delicious smells takes me to a very happy place.

Book tickets to see Claire Morgan, playing alongside Len Faki and Anthony Parasole at Superstition on Friday 26 April

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