Artist, producer and DJ James Holden brings his band The Animal Spirits to the Village Underground Stage at Turning Tides Festival on Saturday 13 July. We caught up with James for a quickfire Q&A ahead of his performance.

How would you describe your style in three words (resisting genre labels)?

Wolf. Eagle. Hippo.

For people coming to see you live for the first time on the Village Underground stage at Turning Tides Festival, what should they expect?

To come out the other side changed, different, possibly improved.

What do you love about London festivals?

London has great audiences because London is the whole world in one place. Also sleeping in my own bed with my dog is a nice treat after a show.

This is festival is free to attend, so what kind of audience are you hoping for?

A diverse one? An interested one?

The festival takes place on the Greenwich Peninsula right next to the River Thames. Do you have any natural affinity with rivers or water?

Yes! I am in fact qualified in the art of dowsing. I keep a suitable Y-shaped hazel twig in the studio in case I need to find things. Here is my dowsing certificate.