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cat & mouse

Thu 8 Jun '17

Artist Info

Artist & Event Info

Paul Barritt of 1927 Theatre company & Village Underground presented the world premiere of Cat And Mouse

Our first in house production presented was premiered at Village Underground for three performances.

Featuring the animations of Paul Bill Barritt (1927) who played in the Officer Pup band, with Laurence Owen, Sam Sallon, Siemy Denguidi under the watchful dog nods of the composer Laurence Owen . With Miss Lesley Ewen as The Law.

The show’s message of over simplifying human struggle in an anthropomorphised animated cat and mouse within an era of cartoon politicians and fake news. Plus one of the shows was also on election night where effectively the country was asked to vote between old cat Corbyn and Theresa mouse May.

“Holding a mirror up to our morals, an audience can relate to the actions of both characters – whether good or bad in intention. In most scenarios, the innocent and happy cat falls short of the mouse’s tricks, yet the stroke of inspiration comes as we’re chillingly reminded that one simply cannot exist without the other.” The Upcoming

“The black-garbed, Tim Burton-esque narrator seems to answer these questions with the explanation, ‘can’t seem to make the words right, can’t seem to paint the world bright’. Ewen entreats the audience to ‘find me a metaphor that works’. The metaphor may be mixed but the satire about our age is clear: TV destroying brain cells; plastic surgery failing to heal the superficiality of modern sexuality; the futility of war.” British Theatre Guide

“Every word of her performance was heard and felt. Really she was stunning – parts Burroughs, Bukowski, Eartha Kitt, Tom Waits” Glenn Max artistic director

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