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Dance For Hope



Fri 11 Aug '17

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Once more the London underground stood up to support the Hope Project, helping displaced refugees in Greece

Dance for Hope was a good night for a good cause, Capo Lee did a standard tight set with Footsie getting everyone moving. The biggest build up was of course for the main names of So Solid Crew: Ashley, Romeo Lisa and the twins. It was a crazy crowd with giant smiles and things got super insane when 21 Seconds dropped.

Jyoty was an able host but, as ever, Julie Adenuga was the stand out turn. Her energy kept the whole show on a high: threatening to read out texts on the mic, buying people in the audience drinks and piling onto the stage for her brother (Skepta)’s track later on in the night.

Thanks to Harley Madams and Wyatt Dixon for the review, their photos are at the bottom of the page.


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