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EYOE presents

Death Grips

Mon 17 Oct '16

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The Californian trio  raided Village Underground for two days in October 2016

A set of rare Death Grips appearances in the UK electrified us with taught, no-nonsense, rage filled evenings. Here’s some of our review

“First, the stage went black. Then I got punched in the face. The energy that Death Grips brought to the Village Underground last Tuesday started at an incredible level, and didn’t let up until the lights went down an hour and a half later.” The Varsity

“For 90 minutes, Death Grips’ punishing, 100-decibel whirlwind of hip-hop, hardcore punk and industrial music is utterly all-consuming. From the off, a shirtless, muscle-bound MC Ride utterly dominates the stage; alternating between prowling, one-footed jumping and lunging towards either the crowd or his bandmates, depending on how the mood takes him. He delivers verses rat-a-tat in time with the music with machine-gun precision.” Loud and Quiet

“At the epicentre of it all stands MC Ride (real name – Stefan Burnett), who tonight is backlit so only his silhouette is visible. Further on into the night, he begins to eerily glow like a domineering spectre of chaos. He is utterly compelling. Occasionally there is a flash of light and his tattooed torso comes into view for a few seconds and then falls back into darkness again. He prowls, jumps, contorts through the set without a breath or even a sip of water. At one point he even turns his back to the crowd and starts screaming his lyrics at Zach the drummer. It’s an unpredictable and volatile performance. You can’t take your eyes of him.” Curb Magazine

“MC Ride towers as the conductor of the debauchery in front of him, unflinched by the possible suffocation of his crowd, he appears gratified by what he and his band cause. He twists his leather gloved hands around the mic, puts it on his crotch, throws his arms out to the crowd and drenches those in direct contact with his spit and sweat.” The Big Nothing

“As the set draws to an end, there is a final catharsis with ‘The Fever (Aye Aye)’. There is a crescendo of sirens and lights until the drop, where MC Ride begins to do his thing. ‘Here we go’, he bellows at one point, as his voice echoes around the room. One hand in the air and eyes wide, he stares at the audience who now are a blur of bodies. The song ends with destructive abruptness. The lights go up and Death Grips have already disappeared before you can even begin to cheer.”  Curb Magazine



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