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Vic Mensa

Mon 23 Oct '17

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The Chicago rapper returned to his London ‘second home’ in October 2017

@vicmensa last night was Dope #TheAutobiographyAsToldByVicMensa

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“One of the best moments of the night comes when Vic performs ‘Heaven On Earth’, a heartfelt cut from his LP where on verse one he raps about the murder of a close friend, on verse two he talks to himself from his late friend’s perspective and on verse three he talks to himself from the killer’s perspective. The audience follows the words intently. It’s thanks to this that they will leave loving Vic Mensa the rapper, but more importantly knowing Victor Mensah the man a little more…

All in all, the night was a success. Vic will open for his friend and mentor JAY-Z in California in just a few days and London was the perfect warm up for him. As well as having a gift for pleasing everyone in the room, his confidence on stage is refreshing and his level of breath control means he rarely misses a word. The general consensus is that the next time Vic comes to the UK for an inevitably larger crowd, everyone will be back for more.” Hip Hop ‘n’ More


vic mensa

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