Restoration Levy

What is the restoration levy?

The restoration levy is an additional £1 charge added to your ticket price. This is intended to go straight to the venue for investment as our historic building requires significant ongoing maintenance and renovation.

Village Underground is an expensive venue to run – the building is 160 years old and requires both serious investment for long-term improvements (e.g. refurbishing the accessible toilets) and a considerable budget for unforeseen repairs such as leaks, damp and structural damages.

Running a music venue in London is expensive. Our overhead costs are high – after paying rent, salaries and various rates and taxes, there isn’t much left for investment beyond regular repairs and maintenance works. We’re keen to maintain reasonable fees and prices, meaning there is only so much profit we can make to invest in the building and facilities.

The Building

Village Underground is located where the Kingsland Viaduct once stood. Adjacent to the viaduct was an old Victorian warehouse that used to be a coalstore for the railway – both were built in the 1860s. Together, the viaduct arches and warehouse make up the venue we now know as Village Underground. 

Atop the arches, four tube carriages and two shipping containers host co-working spaces for creative individuals and businesses.

The venue’s green roof was designed with acoustic engineers at Big Sky Acoustics to reduce sound bleed. For this to work effectively, the roof’s soil must remain continuously wet to maintain its sound absorption. The green roof also provides insulation that helps Village Underground reduce its energy consumption, supports biodiversity and absorbs carbon emissions and other pollutants from the air. 

The funds collected through the restoration levy will help us finance repairs and maintenance for both the venue and green roof.

Regular maintenance & urgent repairs 2021/2022

Recondition the guttering to prevent leaks 
Remove weeds in exterior brickwork
Repair flat roof of 8A Great Eastern Street (gallery space and green room) 
Refurbish all toilets
Fix the acoustic doors
Refurbish bars
Recondition traps for cable run around the venue

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